Democrats ‘polled’ their base to determine what exactly they should try and impeach Trump for … no, we’re not kidding. When the quid pro quo wasn’t resonating with the Left enough (our guess is Latin is not one of their favorite things), Democrats held some focus groups and came up with the idea of impeaching him for BRIBERY.

Now there was a word their dolt-base would understand! GO TEAM GO!

Easy to tweet and market, would fit on a bumper sticker – WINNER!

Except it really wasn’t a winner … and here’s why.

4000 pages of transcripts and the word bribery appears only ONCE.

ONE DAMN TIME … and it applied to BIDEN.


But wait, it got even worse for ol’ Schiff and his magical impeachment circus.




Can we go home now, Schiff? Democrats got NOTHIN’.

Sorry, there are a lot of capital letters in this article but this editor, like many of you, is so damn sick of this impeachment nonsense.

It is hard to watch.

Atomic kick to the balls? That sounds painful.

Almost as painful as this sham of an investigation.



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