The big takeaway from all of this impeachment hearing nonsense isn’t that Trump did something wrong (much to Schiff’s chagrin). No, the big takeaway here is the bureaucratic a-holes in DC are the ones who really run the show, and no amount of voting seems to change that.


We are less than a year away from the election, and yet Democrats don’t want to let the people decide if Trump should stay or go. Nancy Pelosi has said as much …

Sorry Americans, Democrats think you’re too stupid to decide who runs the country. John Hayward said it far better in a thread:

The word ‘impeachment’ has lost any and all relevance it seems.

Crazy but all too true.

So much for voting them out and draining the swamp … apparently the swamp is far too powerful.

End indeed.


THIS seems important: NSC officials attempted to remove Vindman due to security concerns but were blocked by Obama holdover

‘Democrat PUPPETS’: Devin Nunes lays out 3 YEARS of media/ Democrat lies about their coup efforts (screenshots)

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