While the Left pretends Vindman is some sort of Messiah coming back to save them from the evil orange man, we can’t help but wonder if they’d find this nugget from Paul Sperry interesting.

Probably not since Obama was their other Messiah but still … this seems sorta important, don’cha think? Especially if they’re going to fall all over themselves insisting Vindman is AN AMERICAN HERO.

So officials tried to remove Vindman due to security concerns (guessing a whole lot of leaking), but an Obama holdover blocked their efforts. Oh, and she happens to be closely tied to the Obama family.

No conflict of interest there or anything, right?

You’d think a new administration would want to completely clean house but who knows.

It really doesn’t.

Sad, ain’t it?

That’s the question of the hour.

Swalwell does seem to be ‘permeating’ everything today.


Well, ‘tomorrow’ is now today, and we shall see. #StayTuned



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