Sure, the Left is complaining about how unprofessional and childish Nunes was to openly mock Schiff during the impeachment hearing yesterday but OMG … this was just too damn funny.

Perhaps like the rest of us, Nunes himself is just so burned out on the stupid that is the Democrat’s impeachment sham that he couldn’t help himself. Or maybe he just wanted to see if Schiff’s eyes would bug even further out of his head.

Maybe a little bit of both.



Don’t subject your children to this sh*tshow … perfect.

This is an interesting point. Since President Trump came into the picture we are seeing more and more elected officials act like human beings. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not.

Like Nunes’ behavior here. Those of us who are tired of Democrats playing games and making things up as they go along in an effort to magically make Pelosi president probably found it hilarious and maybe even refreshing. Others who buy into this sham of an investigation who are willing to believe ANYTHING if it means they might get rid of Trump … not so much.

Either way yes, this is real life.



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