We’ve been hearing so much about the whistleblower’s possible connection to Vice President Biden that it’s almost as if we’ve overlooked a very obvious connection to another more powerful man. Now, they’re not saying if Eric Ciaramella is the whistleblower (although we’re guessing most of America is pretty sure the Democrat and CIA Analyst is indeed the one blowing the whistle), so this connection could be a total nothing burger.

But then again, it could also be incredibly damning.

Paul Sperry pointed something very interesting out to Sara Carter about Graham demanding the transcripts between Biden and the Ukrainian president:

Don’t assume the calls stopped at Biden.


If that were the case this photo might be even more meaningful.

Lookin’ awfully chummy there, Barry.

Ahem, we were told the Obama administration was completely scandal-free.

They do indeed.

Those whistles ain’t gonna blow themselves after all …

Yikes, that sounded way dirtier than this editor first imagined BUT it’s sorta funny so totally leaving it.


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