If you had told this editor she would hop back online tonight to write about a former Democratic presidential nominee and CA representative actually farting during a live interview discussing Trump’s impeachment she would have told you to put the bong down. But then again she’d realize it’s 2019 and everything is really really really DUMB.

This could very well be faked or someone else in the room but holy cow folks, it seems pretty … natural?



He pauses to let it RIP.

After all of this time, Eric is finally trending … HA HA HA HA HA

It could totally have been someone else in the room.

Except he takes a moment to let it go when he’s talking …

FYI Eric claims it was not him:

Talk about some in-depth reporting on a major news story.


We could write this story all day.


He totally reacts.

Dear Lord let’s hope not.


Hardball came out and claimed the noise was a coffee cup scooting across the desk but yeah, nobody is really buying that.


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