Brit Hume is definitely onto something here.

Well, Real Clear Investigations is responsible FOR the piece but anytime Brit shares an article you know it is something worth reading.

And he was right about this one, as usual.

From Real Clear Investigations:

For three years many of journalism’s most prestigious news outlets won acclaim for making and repeating claims President Trump and his team had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. No accusation, from secret meetings in Prague to tales of prostitutes peeing on beds, was deemed unfit to print. When they wanted to signal to readers that they were conveying claims instead of facts, their hedge words of choice – “unverified” or “not yet proved” were favorites – strongly suggested that confirmation was on the way.

Call it the Trump Standard.

Now those same news outfits are observing a new standard of proof, at least when it involves former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who enjoyed a lucrative relationship with a Ukrainian gas company. This new norm demands that, absent definitive proof, assertions must be labeled as “without evidence” or said to be supported by “no evidence.”

Call it the Biden Standard.

So we have a Trump Standard and a Biden Standard.

Sort of like how we had a Trump Standard and a Hillary Standard.

These people never change.

That’s what happens when narrative becomes more important than reality.


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