Democrats have not had the best week when it comes to their sham of an investigation into Trump and Ukraine. Between witnesses contradicting one another, Schiff showing himself to be a complete sexist toward Elise Stefanik (hey, it’s their rules), and the fact that they’ve been polling their base trying to find various accusations to make against Trump for votes … it’s bad. So bad.

Which is probably why they’re circling back around to Mueller and whether or not Trump lied to him.

No, we’re not making that up.

We know what you’re thinking … FFS, right?

But we suppose when your entire circus is falling apart and you’re desperate you’ll do anything to save your bacon. Seriously, this is not going well for them … at all.

Vindman leaked info and went outside his chain of command.


But sure, we should totally impeach a sitting president based on his testimony.


Technically it’s about Democrats having nothing to run on for 2020, but this also works.

Deep State Clowns.

That could be their new official title.

Nope, not seeing it yet.

Schiff isn’t concerned in the least with credibility. All he cares about is finding someway to impeach Trump so he doesn’t look like the failure we all know he is.



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