Democrats seem to be working overtime to beat the clock with Barr’s investigation into how the Russia probe started … and it seems like they’re doing the same thing with the Ukraine nonsense.

Byron York’s piece on Democrats trying to hide the origins of both investigations is a humdinger:

From the Washington Examiner:

Democrats do not want the public to know. And in that, their position is familiar to anyone who has watched Washington for the last two years: The Democrats’ determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Ukraine investigation is strikingly similar to their determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. In both cases, they fought hard to keep secret the origins of investigations that have shaken the nation, deeply divided the electorate, and affected the future of the presidency.

From their point of view, it makes sense. Democrats were rattled by Republican efforts to uncover the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. The Steele dossier, the use of spies and informants to target the Trump campaign, the Carter Page wiretap, the murky start to the Crossfire Hurricane investigation — Democrats resisted GOP attempts to reveal them all. But in 2017 and 2018, Republicans controlled the House. Then-Chairman Devin Nunes used the power of the House Intelligence Committee to unearth key parts of the story. Nunes’ efforts eventually led to a Justice Department inspector general investigation whose results, expected in the coming weeks, could further damage the Democratic Trump-Russia storyline. And then there is the ongoing criminal investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

What are they hiding?

Nuts indeed.

And as we all know, this investigation is not about justice or transparency but about Democrats getting what they want.

Unless those details hurt the president.


The whole investigation and the hearings have been a joke, but Democrats know as long as the media keep telling people they’re on the up and up and trying to protect our Democracy (even though we’re a Republic) they won’t have to worry about everyday people knowing that it’s just a game.

A tiresome, corrupt, time-sucking, expensive game.


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