Another witness, another dumpster fire of contradictions, lies, and other inconsistencies that only prove Adam Schiff and the Democrats are just desperate to find anything they can actually impeach Trump for. We’ve gone from Russian collusion, to sh*tholes, to the NFL kneeling, to Trump insulting ‘The Squad’, to obstruction, to Ukraine, to quid pro quo, to bribery … and it’s been one nothing-burger after another.

Democrats would be better off just admitting they want Trump gone because they can’t deal with the fact that he beat them in 2016 and will likely beat them again next year.

Trump War Room took David Holmes’ written statement apart in a thread well worth your time.

And it’s in writing.


We’ve come to the conclusion government peeps suck at taking and keeping notes.

Things that make you go hrmmmm … again.


Even more oopsie.


Man, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.


That’s the thing about telling the TRUTH.

You don’t have to ‘remember’ anything, it just is.

Hey, at least he admits he’s biased and has an agenda here.



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