Thank goodness for journos like Byron York who take the time to break down these crazy transcripts and pull together what’s most important for people following along to know. We’ve honestly lost count of the number of times we’ve looked to Byron, Sean Davis, Mollie Hemingway, and many others to help us understand what exactly is going on with these numerous and quite honestly exhausting investigations.

Byron spent a good amount of time on Tim Morrison’s transcript …

Vindman’s boss.

That’s key here.

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Man, these folks cannot keep track of their own edits. Remember the Strzok mess when they confused his notes with another agent’s?

Could monkeys fly out of his butt?

Sure, they could.


Double shocker.

No wonder they want Schiff to testify.

This just makes Vindman’s testimony look dicey and Schiff look even more desperate.

What is Schiff hiding?

This just gets worse and worse.


If we don’t laugh at this point we’ll never stop crying.

Schiff won’t allow.

Shiff has forbidden.

Schiff has silenced.

Vindman really wanted to be important here.

Someone was mad.

What a disaster.

We suppose this is what happens when you’re so desperate to make something out of nothing that you’ll do whatever you have to …


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