Byron York noticed something very telling about Democrats and their behavior around Ukraine and their involvement in the 2016 election.

Wonder why they wouldn’t want to talk about that … could it be Ukraine was tasked with helping Hillary dig up dirt on Trump? Yeah, we all know there was some dirty, sideways, BS that went on with the Clinton campaign and Ukraine, which is probably why Schiff has been working so hard to make sure this entire circus only sheds light on certain parts of the whole story.

It is critical to deflect from their own shenanigans in 2016 (shenanigans, now there’s a word we don’t use often enough these days).

Can’t have it both ways on Ukraine, Dems.

And there it is.

If Democrats give ANY indication that something strange was afoot at the Circle K (aka Ukraine) in 2016 they prove Trump was RIGHT to look into it and they can’t have that now, can they?

It’s never been about any crime or justice, just politics.




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