This thread from Glenn Beck is SUUUUUUUPER long but so absolutely worth your time to read. Hey man, if we took the time to put all 40+ tweets together in one article the least you can do is read it.

*shakes fist*

Seriously though, check this out.

In other words, when Democrats do shady AF stuff they so it for the good of the people or something.

No clue.

Color us shocked.

What the?

*adjusts tinfoil*

Yup. They were bragging about how many DECADES of experience they had during testimony … it’s basically all they talked about.

Everyone knows it’s Eric, but continue.

Dude has always been a leaker.

Yeah, that sounds gross.


But we thought that was bad and stuff.

Schiff went so far to LIE about not knowing the leaker.

And Democrats are trying to impeach him for asking about it. Yup.

Holy crap.

All connected through Obama? Soros? This is nuts.

And there’s Hillary’s name.


Did we say wow yet because yeah, wow.


All boils down to power.

Fiona’s account didn’t mesh with others in that meeting as well but that’s another story.

So today …



‘Heard it here first!’ Sean Spicier tweets about Schiff, Epstein/ABC, morons booing Trump, and VA elections and Lefties IMPLODE

WHOA! New complaint filed with ICIG alleges whistleblower and attorneys have turned blowing whistles into BIG bucks

Well well well, what do we have HERE?! Gosh, it sure looks like SOMEONE is lying about that July 10 Ukraine meeting at the WH