The moment Sean Spicer lost on Dancing With the Stars last night this editor rushed over to Sean Spicier’s (@sean_spicier) timeline to see how many yahoos were being snagged by the most successful parody account in the Twittersphere and to her delight, there was far more there than just dancing.

Adam Schiff, the Alabama game, Epstein/ABC, Virginia elections … it’s a smorgasbord of stupid, angry, and hilarious.

Take a look for yourself.

Man, these people just do NOT have any sense of humor.

Nor do they know how to make sure the account they’re preening at is actually the right one … look for the blue checkmark, folks.

Or at least put the bong DOWN.


Awwww, this guy. Welp, we don’t typically do this but this Chris fellow appeared on this editor’s timeline insisting Spicier isn’t a parody because his bio doesn’t say so.

Guess we don’t have to wonder how dense some of these people are who fall for his schtick, eh?

Ooh, ooh, we know!

People really need to chill TF out over these sporting events. We get it, it’s their TEAM but cripes … grow up.

She is SO mad.


Awww, nothing better than the ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ drop.

They just don’t get it.

A troll account lecturing a parody account about bothering grown-ups.

Now we’ve seen everything.

Look good play good.

So take THAT!

We’re tired just watching it.

Sean isn’t the one who wore blackface and called himself Coonman, chief.


And they think they’re clever.

Mean ol’ Sean, always picking on stupid people.


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