Who knew whistle-blowing could be so lucrative?

Ok, there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere, but this editor won’t be making it because she’s matured or something.


Sounds like a new complaint has been filed against Eric Ciaramella aka the whistleblower with the ICIG alleging that he and his attorneys are making some serious bucks blowing some whistles.

Weaponizing their alleged whistleblowing activities into a very lucrative money-making enterprise doesn’t sound like something a person who has come forward to blow a whistle for the good of the country would do. Yeah, we’re going to keep on making jokes about blowing and whistles.

No one ever claimed we were mature.

Gosh, we’re no experts but this can’t be a good thing.

Right?! We’re SHOCKED.

Not it.

Schiff has basically threatened Republicans not to mention the whistleblower.

Seems sorta ‘schiffty’ don’t it?

We’re in the wrong business.




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