Nothing to see here folks, just two very different versions of the July 10 meeting about the Ukraine at the White House. Fiona Hill’s version is very, very different from both Volker and Sondland’s.

Have we mentioned lately how ridiculous all of this is? And all because Democrats can’t accept they ran a crap-candidate in 2016 who couldn’t beat one of the most unpopular GOP candidates … ever.

That’s gotta sting.

Check this out.

Meeting was abruptly ended by Bolton, eh?

Huh … about that.

Sure, he looks a little bit like Colonel Sanders BUT he doesn’t appear to be in a state of mind that would imply he ‘abruptly ended a meeting.’

Why would Bolton say it was a great discussion if he abruptly ended it?

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K, folks.

It’s easy to keep things straight when you tell the truth.

Just sayin’.



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