Democrats are working so very, VERY hard to promote this impeachment investigation as something that might be able to help them either unseat Trump or beat him in 2020. Trying to find the right angle, the right phrasing … even the right words.

We suppose when you’re putting on a ‘show’ you want to make sure the script you’ve written is something that will appeal to your fans.

Byron York said it far better:

From the Washington Examiner:

In recent weeks, some Democrats have struggled to cite a crime committed by President Trump in the Ukraine affair. While the Intelligence Community inspector general suggested the president might have violated campaign finance laws, Democrats have generally not specified what law or laws Trump might have broken — instead pointing out that, beyond treason and bribery, the Constitution does not list particular offenses that qualify for removal from office. The House has wide discretion in deciding what conduct, criminal or not, is impeachable.

Now, however, Democrats appear to be testing a new charge: The president committed extortion.

“We have a crime — extortion,” Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Wednesday.

“You’ve already decided there was a crime?” asked MacCallum.

They’re trying to find just the RIGHT word that persuades the American public that their impeachment proceedings are not just a massive temper tantrum over losing in 2016.

Silly Democrats, we see you.

Their main problem is they don’t really have anything to actually impeach him over so they’re making it up as they go along.

But you knew that.



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