Imagine hating Trump and the Trump family SO MUCH you side with and cheer a bunch of extremists (who are far worse than Trump) because they heckled Trump Jr.

‘The idiots’ at the Washington Post just can’t seem to help themselves:

This just proves they have ZERO idea about what the Conservative movement really is and who is actually a part of it. For years they’ve been lumping the whole right into a ‘hateful extremist group’ based on the very worst and obnoxious people out there so they can paint the entire party as ‘bad’.

@AG_Conservative was good enough to throttle the Leftist rag:

Anything to dunk on Trump.

Sadly we are starting to think it is. Hey man, we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box.

Like the rest of the media, WaPo LOVES painting the Right as crazy racists and if they can find a handful of people who prove their point you bet they’ll promote them. Especially if they’re dragging Junior.

Promoting neo-Nazi losers.

Way to go, WaPo.

What’s their tagline again? Democracy dies in darkness?

Alrighty then.



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