Adam Schiff is truly his own worst enemy. From making up dialogue that didn’t actually transpire to reading Trump’s tweets during the impeachment hearing to prove he’s trying to intimidate witnesses (it’s Twitter, Schiff-Head), the dude has done so much damage to himself and his cause.

But by all means, Democrats, keep him right where he is.

We’re not sure the Trump campaign could come up with a better ad campaign than just showing clips of Schiff-For-Brains making a total douche of himself over and over again during this so-called investigation.

Ari Fleischer let Dip-Schiff have it:


Right? Schiff outright DENIES witnesses their moment to testify but Trump is the bad guy here?

Whatever, Barney Fife.

A circus even.

Just one of those ok for me but not for thee things?

What she said.


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