Bill Taylor’s nephew’s, brother’s, barber’s, neighbor’s, pastor’s, second-cousin twice removed overheard a phone call that MIGHT have claimed Trump might have done something he shouldn’t have …

And hey, according to Jake Tapper that’s a ‘bombshell.’

Hearsay is a bombshell. Gotta love the media.

Seems we’re not the only ones questioning (mocking) Jake’s reporting/tweeting here … enter Brit Hume.


Usually, a ‘bombshell’ is at least a teensy bit explosive.

Granted, Jake is part of the same media that spent three years insisting Russia elected Trump so we’re not entirely surprised he would think something like this is a ‘bombshell.’

It’s all BS.


That. ^

The Left is filled with simple-minded people who are so desperate for any and all stories that might get Trump impeached. Pity them, we do.


Annnnd we’re dead now, thanks for that.



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