Byron York shared a quote from a Republican who was at the impeachment hearing yesterday and it really sums up how most Americans view this entire sham of an investigation.

Not counting the unhinged, frothy, angry Lefties who want Trump impeached simply because he won … just normal, sane, rational Americans.

Like you, dear reader.

Check it out.

In other words, Democrats weren’t able to remove the elected, sitting president with their Russian hoax so now they’re trying to get him again. And making complete tools of themselves in the process.

Here an impeachment, there an impeachment.

We suppose if we’d been promising our vapid, angry, frothy base that we’d ‘impeach the mother f**ker’ we’d be desperate to get it done as well.

Adam Schiff, Super Genius.


They’ve been making fools of themselves since 2016. Well, more so than usual.

Democrats would be better off admitting they just can’t stand the fact that they lost in 2016, not to mention they never thought they’d lose so now they’re trying really really hard to cover their tracks leading up to the election.

And doing it all while wasting time and tax dollars.

Go team go.



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