Jim Swift has spent his entire professional LIFE working and slaving for the conservative movement and what THANKS does he get? How dare Republicans not bow down and thank him for being a sanctimonious know-it-all taking time out of his busy day shaming the Right in general in order to specifically shame them?

Yesterday was a sad day to be a Republican? Huh. We were pretty sure it was a sad day to be a Democrat what with how embarrassing the hearing went but hey, if this admission somehow helps Jim sleep better at night … whatever floats his boat.

It seemed like Republicans were finally fighting BACK to most of us. *shrug*

And really, did Jim think this would go well?

Right? Poor Jim.

Thoughts and prayers, man.

Hey now, he finds no joy in admitting he’s sad to be a Republican and stuff.

It was nothing more than the circus we expected it to be.


You can tell he was holding the tears back while tweeting it.


Welding, definitely welding. Maybe HVAC?

Now, to be fair, Jim did get some support on his tweet … from Democrats.

We agree, this is stupid.

Oh wait, we meant Jim’s tweet … never mind.


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