Welp, Ayanna Pressley just proved she belongs in The Squad. Heh.

In case you missed it, Democrats think incarcerating criminals is racist and xenophobic.

Participatory People’s Process … what the Hell is that? You know what, never mind.

Here’s where it gets really funny though.

One in four people in the world are locked in cages?! Wow, who knew?

FYI, she deleted the tweet but we grabbed it JUUUUUUST in case because we were pretty sure she would:

That’s a whole lotta people, yeah?

Maybe there’s this giant prison somewhere and we just don’t know it?

She did.

The moon.

Hey, it could happen.

Every time.

Eleventy BILLION people.

When Lefties tell us it’s more important to be morally correct than factually correct this is what we get, ladies and gents.



Ahem, we are hearing from various boxes of rocks that this is offensive to them.

AOC jumps in to prove Ayanna’s math checks out in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Jerry Dunleavey was good enough to give her the benefit of the doubt:

And she did ‘fix’ it:

But her original tweet was still an epic and hilarious fail.


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