Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants everyone to know that Democrats are pushing to impeach the president so they can unite the party and avoid a disastrous outcome next year. It’s not about justice, or protecting the country, or figuring out what really happened … no no, it’s about getting rid of Trump because they know they can’t beat him in a legit election.

Wow, right?


We’re not sure if AOC is just finally being honest OR if she’s too dense to realize she just gave the whole thing away.

Probably the latter.

AOC just admitted the Democrats are doing just that.

Whoda thunk it? Oh, that’s right, most Americans.

They’ve put all their eggs in one basket and to be honest, the basket ain’t lookin’ all that great these days.

She’s admitting what we’ve known all along.

Of course it is.

And it always has been.


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