Ruh-roh Chief Socialist Wannabe, sounds like the economist who originally signed off on your ‘Medicare For All’ garbage idea has figured out the ‘staggering cost’ of the plan is not a good thing.

Whoda thunk it?

There’s a reason other candidates aren’t pushing Medicare For All, Chief.

From Reuters:

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, also voiced skepticism that the wealth tax provision in Warren’s plan – a key funding mechanism – will produce predicted levels of revenue because those targeted by the tax will seek to dodge it.

“It’s not hard to believe billionaires are going to use every resource to avoid paying the tax,” Zandi said.

Yet Zandi warned the wealth tax revenue predictions may not hold up if she also simultaneously tries to fund her proposed expansion of government programs, including free child-care and student debt forgiveness.

“I’m skeptical the wealth tax will generate the same amount of revenue after considering all her plans together,” he said.


Yeah, us too.


And to his point, why change what’s working? If only Democrats had been told this waaaaay back in 2010.

Staggering cost.

Covered alongside her other government programs.

Everyone repeat after us … NO THANK YOU.



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