Boy, is it just our imagination or does whistleblower attorney, Mark Zaid, really really REALLY not want Eric Ciarmella’s name out there?

Oh, sorry, our bad.

The whistleblower’s name out there.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy Louise Mensch embarrassed and humiliated in a huge way by firing him very publicly on Twitter …

Zaid picked his words very carefully.

There’s a reason and luckily Brit Hume was more than happen to point out what that reason was.

In other words, the media can share Eric Ciaramella’s name if they so choose.

Huh, whoda’ thunk it?

Oh, that’s right, everyone except Zaid.

No way in Hell Americans are going to sit back and allow the president to be impeached in secret by an anonymous source.


Honestly, the more Ciaramella’s attorneys fight to keep him anonymous (even though it’s pretty obvious we know who he is) the less credible they make him and his entire whistle blowing appear.

Way to go, Zaid.



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