It sounds like Devin Nunes may well subpoena Adam Schiff to testify in his own impeachment investigation, which when you think about it is pretty ingenious. Hey, if Adam insists on keeping things secret then it only makes sense that Republicans would question him so Americans know exactly what is going on while a bunch of Democrats try to remove the president behind closed doors.

Newt Gingrich basically double-dog dared Schiff to testify under oath.

Sounds fair, right Adam? Wasn’t it Schiff-For-Brains who basically implied people who refuse to testify under oath have something to hide? Surely he’d want to be a shining example of being fearless and honest …

HA HA HA HA HA, oh man, sometimes we crack ourselves up.

Could well be one of the dumbest games of chess … ever.

Gotta love politics.

Wouldn’t that be obstruction of justice? And isn’t that a big no-no?


Both sad and true.

Excellent question.

Winner winner chicken dinner. ^



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