We know Eric Swalwell thought he was being very clever trying to dunk on McConnell with a thread of various laws House Democrats have passed but well, he wasn’t being very clever at all.

Instead, he only proved how ridiculous House Democrats really are considering most of the things they’ve passed are already the law or are just useless pieces of legislation in general.

Note, this is why they’re trying so hard to impeach Trump, they know crap like this won’t beat him next year. Just look at this …

This is already the law, Eric, and it has been for nearly 60 years.



Discrimination is already illegal, Eric.

Background checks are already the law.


Nope again.

Why should violence against women be more illegal than violence against people in general?

Sure, keep going, it’s hilarious.

How hard do you think Mitch laughed at his little thread?


And Eric wonders why people were more likely to buy a bag of potato chips than donate a dollar to his presidential campaign. Psh.



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