Jonathan Chait has finally admitted what most of us have been saying for a long long time … the Left has gone so far to the Left they are no longer polling well with Moderates, Centrists, or Independents (which they will definitely need if they think they’ll have any chance against Trump next year). From pushing the Green New Deal to Medicare For All, it’s just a little bit too ‘socialist’ for a lot of Americans.

Thank goodness.

Some people are apparently AOK with socialism, but the majority of Americans … not so much.

From New York Magazine:

The Democratic presidential field has largely abandoned that model. Working from the premise that the country largely agrees with them on everything, or that agreeing with the majority of voters on issues is not necessary to win, the campaign has proceeded in blissful unawareness of the extremely high chance that Trump will win again.

The primary has not doomed Democrats. Warren and Sanders are still close enough to Trump that they can compete, and new events, like a recession or another scandal, could erode Trump’s base. But the party should look at its position a year before the election with real fear. The party’s presidential field has lost the plot.

Democrats have lost the plot.


They’re worried … they should be.

We think he’s complaining about generalities here.

Right? Because the media so often comes out against the Left.

Also, if Jeff here wants single payer healthcare there are clearly more than enough non-US countries out there where it’s an option.

Don’cha love it how progressives think a system that gives people of all political ideals a voice is dumb?

Their shift to extreme Leftism aka socialism isn’t the only thing that hurts them in elections but we digress.

This idea of the media helping the Right promote policies is hilarious.

Enabler media.


And not a funny joke at that.



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