Brian Cates of ‘The Epoch Times’ wrote a fairly lengthy and thought-provoking thread about all of the chaos and crazy we’re seeing from the Democratic Party with this whole secret impeachment circus.

To be fair, this editor won’t pretend to understand all of the moving parts in this story but threads like this one from Cates help … a little.

This sort of reminds us of the garbage piece the NYT wrote about how super brave Adam Schiff is.

We do we do!

It’s all connected.

Not that we really had any doubts but still …

SpyGate plotters.

Sounds like a novel.

If Democrats thought they could beat him on policy they likely wouldn’t be pushing this charade.

The next 12 months are going to be insane.

Make sure you eat your Wheaties.

It’s been about pushing a narrative for years and years, yup.

Slow Joe. Injun Liz. Crazy Bernie.


It’s going to be a loooooooong-ass year.

At this rate we’ll have whistleblowers for the whistleblower.

Wait, let’s not give Democrats any ideas.



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