The Never Trump movement has turned into an elitist, snotty, smug, smallish group whose entire agenda is based on making others feel stupid for disagreeing with them. And for whatever reason, they seem to think this will somehow convince the very people they’re crapping all over to agree with them.

For this group supposedly being so smart this is a pretty dumb strategy.

Just sayin’.

Brace yourselves, this is a whole lotta ‘look at how brilliant I am and how stupid you are’ from Tom Nichols.

Let the eye-rolling begin.

So if you support Trump you’re ignorant and ‘propaganda-addled’ … gosh, and they wonder why they can’t convince more people to go along with their movement.

In other words he’ll fight with people who typically agree with him but not you little people who don’t.

If by ‘being in power’ he means we want to keep socialism out of the White House then we suppose he’s right.


Shunning of friends?

Spoken like someone who doesn’t really have a lot of friends.

Dagummit, we really wanted to be Tom’s friend too.

Oh, wait.

How dare you care about stopping abortion and socialism … HA HA HA HA.

This guy.

Blah blah blah.

Yeah, he’s still going.

Hey, if we have to read it so do you.

Tom sure loves the ‘sound’ of his own voice.

Zzzzz …

Doncha love it when the ‘political elite’ crap all over normal everyday Americans?

And they wonder why he won.




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