Nothing says you’re a totally stable person and not in the least a drain on society like getting locked on Twitter for writing grossly racist and misogynistic tweets and then using your young son’s name to create a back-up account so you can continue to troll.

Wow, when you write it out like that it makes Tom Arnold look even worse.

Who DOES that?!

Wait. Don’t answer that.

Notice we were only able to grab the one tweet since Tom got himself suspended this time but …

And in case the tweet-copy doesn’t show it says: ‘Because your wife’s in love with Tom & you’re jealous.’

Eh, it was suspended.

If you spend any time on Twitter you know evading suspension by creating a back-up account is a big NO-NO, which may have been why his account was suspended. Or, it could be that he started threatening people who noticed he was using his son’s name on a fake account by tweeting about snitches getting stitches.

Either way, the whole thing was just embarrassing and sadly super desperate.

Starting to think Tom needs a Twitter-intervention. Seriously.



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