Adam Dip-Schiff tweeted out the first two witnesses the House Intelligence Committee will question during its first open hearing of the impeachment inquiry next week.

We couldn’t help but notice he himself is not listed.

Seems Sen. Marsha Blackburn also noticed his name is missing … she was just a whole lot more direct than us.

What she said.

And you know she’s onto something here since the trolls, thugs, and harpies descended on her tweet like a horde of frothy-mouthed, bipolar unicorns.

Remember, the Left always accuses the Right of what they’re doing.



How dare she be interested in actually getting to the bottom of this entire debacle. The nerve.

The irony.

Yes, it’s the GOP who has gone rogue.


You know, this editor used to wonder how the heck Democrats could get elected in the first place considering their policies are ideas are all REALLY bad … and then she started writing for Twitchy and she realized they’re just not all that informed or bright.

Hence, Democrats.

Sure, she’s the liar here.

It’s painful, right?



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