Rep. Doug Collins has been an exceptionally loud voice in pushing back against Democrats trying over and over and over again to impeach Trump. They keep trying to find things that he’s done that are impeachment-worthy and they keep failing. Honestly, our good, tolerant, transparent Democratic friends would be better off to admit they just hate Trump so much they want him impeached.

But that would mean being honest and as we all know, they’re not capable of being honest.



Dems, we all know it … just admit it.

Collins is spot on. Democrats can’t beat him on the substance so they’re doing what they can to make him a bad person. And look at these people screeching at Collins, they clearly have been completely suckered in by the Dems’ efforts and have drunk the kool-aid.


He’s talking about Trump, not Biden.

Hyperventilating? It’s not the Right who is working overtime to impeach a president less than a year before they could just beat him in an election if he’s so unpopular. Seems like a lost of wasted time and money, yes?

Wow, the Left loves to project.

And if you ask this person to show his or her work they’ll block you.

This ‘gal’ totally missed and proved his point all in one tweet. When one alleged crime falls through Democrats try and come up with another one and then another one and then another one because it’s NOT about justice, it’s about politics.



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