Democrats really, really, really want people to think Bevin losing in Kentucky is YUGE and a total preview of what’s going to happen next year, that Trump is TOTALLY DONE FOR and stuff buuuuuut … eh.

Forget that of the last 10 governors, eight of them have been Democrats.

Plus it sounds like no Republican has ever won two terms in a row there, so yeah.

Here’s the real kicker though, neither of these points may have mattered and it definitely sounds like that whole blue wave thing was once again a trickle

Check it out.

So yeah, Libertarians are at least claiming they sabotaged Bevin which on one hand is really crappy, but on the other is sorta hilarious considering how hard the Left is pushing this loss as a YUGE win for them.

Sounds like Bevin was a hot mess anyway, but Democrats pretending this is somehow a reflection on Trump … wrong.

Too bad, so sad, Democrats.



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