As the Project Veritas scoop dropped today about how ABC did NOT release a story on Epstein three years ago, many of us were reminded about how NBC killed the story on Weinstein.

Tom Bevan’s recap though including how these same outlets tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh really and truly showed them for the painfully biased rags they are.

Not a great look for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN … etc etc.

These same outlets claimed stories about known predators didn’t meet their editorial standards but the Kavanaugh smear-a-thon was AOK?

We see you media.

NBC also tried to push a fake story about various text messages with the Kavanaugh story that totally fell apart as well.


OH YEAH! ABC took footage from a gun range and claimed it was fighting in Syria.

And Bingo was his name-o.

Must be nice.



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