Telling an entire generation to check their privilege is the most millennial thing ever. And these lil fellers wonder why we all make fun of them.

Look at this hot mess.

We take it back. This thread in general is the most millennial thing EVER.

Seriously, it just gets worse.

Isn’t that cute? He thinks GenX can be triggered. If he really knew anything about this editor’s generation he’d realize none of us care enough to be triggered by very much.

But we’ll take any opportunity millennials present to us to make fun of them. We’re givers that way.

This guy really really really needs to get out more.

You have to wonder what crawled up his crank to go off on the generation who basically created the very platform he’s using to complain about them.

Sad millennials.

Poor, sad, millennials.

See what we mean? He’s so angry … and at a generation.

It’s hilarious.

For some reason he really wants to believe he hurt GenX’s feelings … we should probably point out to him we don’t exactly have feelings.

Sounds like Ben needs a nap.

We lived through that recession. Yup.


Not it.



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