Like other Republicans, Rep. Elise Stefanik is calling for Adam Schiff to testify at his own impeachment investigation. The only difference here is Stefanik was the first representative to ask exactly when Schiff had access to the whistleblower.

And now she’s calling not only for Schiff to testify, but for him to be the first witness.


‘More importantly Adam Schiff needs to answer questions under oath.’


And yes, yes he does.

Schiff for Brains is probably getting a little nervous, at least let’s hope so.

She is.

Then for some reason, the whistleblower’s attorney showed up to babble at Elise even though all she did was say that Schiff should be questioned. Why on Earth would Zaid (you know, the attorney Louise Mensch literally humiliated and fired on Twitter) show up to troll Elise?

What’s that old saying? ‘Me thinks he doth pretend too much.’

And c’mon, if Zaid thinks #FactsMatter why would he oppose Schiff testifying under oath?




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