In case folks forgot … Andy McCabe didn’t quit. He was FIRED in disgrace.

Yeah, it’s easy to forget when the Left and media (same difference really) spend so much time pretending the guy is some great hero but the reality is he was fired for being a liar.

A dirty rotten liar.

This thread from Undercover Huber just makes ol’ Andy look worse and worse.

IG finding very damaging info.

Our intelligence community at work.


Keep going …

He didn’t tell her any of the details.

That doesn’t make sense because if that’s true then …

So did he tell Page, or didn’t he?

You know, when you just tell the truth from the get-go there’s a whole lot LESS that you have to remember in situations like this, Andy.

It is a super dumb thing to lie about but once one lie is told it the liar has to keep lying to cover the original lie.

And that’s the truth.

See how that works, Andy?


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