Hello everyone.

Jill Filipovic wants you to follow more women on Twitter and retweet them more often, and if you don’t you’re all just big ole sexist meanie heads.

From Vox:

Anyone that follows Beltway Twitter knows it’s a deeply insular and self-involved world dominated by men who almost exclusively speak to each other. But now there’s research to prove it.

“When male journalists reply to other beltway journalists, they reply to another male journalist 91.5% of the time,” according to a study to be published in the the International Journal of Press/Politics, titled “Twitter Makes It Worse: Political Journalists, Gendered Echo Chambers, and the Amplification of Gender Bias.”

Of the 25 reporters who received the most replies from male political reporters, zero were women.

This female editor has not found this to be true personally but we’re not really ‘reporters’ …

Guess she didn’t like the responses she was getting which were mainly people suggesting CONSERVATIVE WOMEN they either already followed or wanted others to follow.

The irony considering the large number of WOMEN on her thread. Didn’t she just say she wanted people to follow more women but now she’s calling for blocks?

Make up yer mind, lady.

Ahem, thanks dude.

It’s the feminist way.


Speaking of funny, while this editor was writing about Jill’s tweet (and yes, attempting to engage her), Jill blocked her. And considering she was just telling people they should follow more women on Twitter … 

Just not certain women apparently.


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