As Twitchy readers know, Joe Scarborough came out against those who booed Trump at Game Five claiming he didn’t think America wanted the world to see us behaving in that way.

And of course, the Left lost their ever-loving minds over it. Yeah yeah, these days they are in a constant state of ‘lost their mind’ but this was an exceptional blow up even for them.

Mollie Hemingway had a counterpoint to Joe’s tweet that only made the Left look worse (and honestly we didn’t think that was possible).

Mollie is onto something here.

Told ya’.

Considering how many of them are now trying to call Trump a bad dad for not subjecting Barron to that sort of behavior? Talk about an all-around FAIL.

Yet another reminder of how out-of-touch DC is with the rest of the country.

Fair point.

In other words, they totally disproved their entire, ‘Trump is literally Hitler’ talking point.


When someone shows you who they REALLY are, believe them.

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