Diamond and Silk think both Tom Arnold and Barbra Streisand should also be under investigation. Hey, why not? Just add them to the giant pile of investigations we’re all trying to keep up with already.

Would appear Tom took offense to Diamond and Silk claiming he should be under investigation. Ok, that’s an understatement … Tom lost it and tweeted some seriously creepy and foul garbage at the two women.

Awful, right?

That he thought this was in any way an appropriate response to Diamond and Silk says so much about him, and none of it good.

Note, this is not the first time Tom has sexually harassed black women on Twitter. Remember when he went after Candace Owens? When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

Vile, disrespectful, wrong, creepy AF … this is one of the worst tweets we’ve seen from Tom and considering how gross his tweets are in general? Wow.

Even his followers are saying he went too far.


We’re willing to bet he couldn’t play Candace Cameron’s dad anymore.


Ok, we had barely published this story when Tom responded to Diamond and Silk again and took it to a whole new level of awful.

So we guess you can add racist to that creepy AF descriptor.

Holy cow.


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