When the news broke that Durham’s investigation had turned into a criminal probe, AFTER this editor finished checking Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler’s timelines she peeked at Doug Collins hoping he’d be doing his part to make a fool of Nadler.

Since he’s so good at it.

Luckily he released his statement this morning:

Told ya’ he was good at making Nadler look like a nob although to be honest, Nadler does a pretty good job of doing that himself.

10000%! So there!

Schiff and Nadler called it ‘political revenge’.

The irony, right?

Democrats have been throwing a non-stop tantrum since 2016.

Certainly starting to feel that way.

It’s all about spinning information to fit the narrative versus allowing the information to determine the narrative. In other words, they’re back-ass-wards.

And curtain.


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