Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler talking about ‘political revenge’ has got to be the most ironic thing this editor has read on Twitter in a long, LONG time.

Considering they’re the yahoos who basically started this political witch hunt …

Schiff and his super secret hearings.

Nadler and his bizarre habit of wearing his pants around his neck … err … holding the ‘masquerade’ hearings as Doug Collins called them.

They have some nerve complaining about Barr being a ‘vehicle’ of any sort when they’re both clearly tools.


Democrats sure do love to project.

Zipper and Pencil … if Trump sees this tweet he is so going to start calling them this.


They’re going to try and discredit Barr and Durham both and we’re going to see impeachment efforts get even crazier.

This is gonna get real interesting, real fast folks.

Stay tuned.


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