Ruh-roh, John Brennan.

Ruh-roh, James Comey.

Ruh-roh, Hillary Clinton.

Ruh-roh, Obama administration in general.

This is getting good.

We hope.

From Fox News:

Brennan and Clapper were at the helm not only when Mifsud spoke to Papadopoulos, but also when an unverified and largely discredited dossier, written by British ex-spy Christopher Steele and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, was used to help justify a secret surveillance warrant against former Trump adviser Carter Page in the run-up to the 2016 election. (The Times’ reporting on Thursday, which overtly framed Durham’s probe as politically tainted without evidence, did not mention the Steele dossier at all.)

The FBI apparently obscured the fact that the Clinton campaign and DNC funded the dossier in its warrant application, telling the secret court only that the dossier was prepared at the behest of an unidentified presidential campaign.

‘Apparently obscured the fact …’

Ya’ think?

Sadly however ‘promising’ this all sounds, we’ve learned that far too often these things either don’t pan out or if they do the guilty party just sort of fades away with zero consequences for their actions. All while we watch Democrats hold super secret impeachment hearings with super secret interview and pretend that’s not in the least suspicious …

Yup. Everything is stupid, let’s hope that’s about to change.


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