Sharyl Attkisson was good enough to fact-check the claims of Trump’s quid pro quo in Ukraine in a fairly spectacular read.

From The Hill:

Foreign aid is widely considered a tool to allow the U.S. “access and influence in the domestic and foreign affairs of other states,” particularly “national security policy.” It also “helps governments achieve mutual cooperation on a wide range of issues.”

All of this appears to neatly fit the definition of the very things President Trump’s critics allege he did: try to ensure Ukraine’s cooperation in the U.S. investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign, and obtain a commitment from Ukraine to open an investigation into widespread corruption that could have U.S. ties — including a possible tie to the 2020 presidential election.

Here’s the best part:

All things considered, it begins to look like the quid pro quo accusations are an extension of the strategy that sought to keep President Trump from providing typical direction to the Justice Department for the better part of two years … because his critics cried that it would be obstruction of justice or interfering with the Mueller probe. With that investigation closed, Trump’s enemies appear to be trying to keep him from digging into dark, uncomfortable places about how it all came about and who was behind it, from Washington, D.C., to Kyiv, Ukraine.

And why would they want to keep Trump from digging?

She tweeted out some more points:



Key words.

She’s so good at this.

Other reporters could learn a thing or five from her.

So orange man not bad?

Womp womp, Dems.

There ya’ go.

Always a troll or 12 who show up when Sharyl tweets … and she always handles them just fine.




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