Brit Hume has been on a roll calling for more transparency from Democrats and the media.

Yeah yeah, we know, same difference.

Like Byron York, Brit is questioning why Democrats won’t release William Taylor’s entire testimony; if it’s as damning as they claim it is you’d think they’d be flaunting it everywhere.

How can POLITICO make this claim without seeing the entire transcript?


If I were one of the president’s lawyers, I would counsel him to admit the obvious—essentially to plead guilty and admit this was, in fact, a quid pro quo—and try and convince Congress and the public that it is not as bad as it looks. In my experience, defendants who stubbornly try to deny the obvious in the face of overwhelming evidence rarely convince anyone.

Luckily Renato is not one of the president’s lawyers, just sayin’.

They have to impeach the president so you can see what was in Taylor’s transcript.

Or something.

And they’d be bragging their as*es off about it, yup.

Ooh, bullschiff is a good one.

They got nothin’.

So why not release the whole thing, right?

We’re pretty sure we know why.


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