Katie Hill … wow.


Reading through these stories, seeing the photos (our eyes!), and now reading her tweets this editor has come to the conclusion this woman is just a hot mess. Earlier today we covered a tweet she sent in 2017 about men who had been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior as a means to push for more women in leadership. And then after the other shoe dropped today (naked with a bong, questionable tats?) we took a gander at her timeline and yup, she was front and center last year dragging Brett Kavanaugh.

Calling him a serial predator, among other things.

Someone might want to get this broad a mirror.

We’ll save you the click, she just babbles on and on about Trump being bad so of course he chose a bad guy like Kavanaugh.

Seriously, she talks a lot without saying much.

More whining about Kavanaugh and abortion … eh.

More paranoid crazy about abortion.

Here are the good ones.

So what were Katie’s motives? Thinking it’s fair to question HER credibility.

Serial predator.

There it is.


Katie proving once again just how badly Democrats project …


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