Dave Rubin’s ‘Monday thought’ blasted CNN as a DNC tool and especially dragged Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter for ignoring a fairly big story about a Trump supporter who was choked.

To his point, if a Trump supporter had choked someone else it would have been the news for days and days.

His thread says this far better than we can.

Sounds like Dave may be onto something here.

And those videos from Project Veritas taken from inside CNN are CRAZY. It definitely seems like an exceptionally poisonous place to work.

Of course they saw it.

But it doesn’t fit with their narrative and agenda which as we learned from Project Veritas is all about ending Trump’s presidency. They do not concern themselves with stories that do not harm the president in some way.

Oliver blocked this editor years ago when CNN went after the guy who made the original meme of Trump fighting the CNN logo. He got super fussy with us for writing about it.

Seems he’s super fussy with all sorts of people.

Suppose we’d be super fussy too if we had to work for CNN.


Whoa, it worked.

And Bingo was his name-o.


That works.



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