The Federalist’s Anna James Zeigler made a pretty spot-on point about cricizing/assessing politicians based on their own actions instead of using Trump as some sort of strange gauge to validate them when they do eff’d up things.

Like Mitt Romney creating a fake account called Pierre Delecto to troll the president.


And for whatever reason, George Conway (aka Mr. Kellyanne Conway) got his britches all sorts of bunched up over her tweet. Guess people using common sense is super triggering for him or something.

No, no it’s not.

But when someone has TDS as badly as George does we suppose this makes sense … to him. The rest of us are too busy pointing and laughing at him.

Notice also that George quote-tweeted her, subjecting her to all sorts of horrible trolling and all because she reminded people that all politicians are responsible for their own actions.

What a classy guy.

Anna however handled him just fine:

George, dude, this was just embarrassing.

And she’s right, go have lunch with your wife, put the Twitter down.


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